Singing the Blues – 4, Aha!

I believe that life is far too difficult, far too hurtful, far less rewarding than it could and should be – for everyone. Still, both from inspection of my life and by way of knowing others on the spectrum; I think we have it worse than most. I think we have lives of less favourable ratios of good versus bad than do most ”normal” people.
Know all those autism problems that parents of us have with their kids? Well, those problems are real. How does a person go about interacting with someone whose communication skills are less than stellar? How does one gauge the emotions of a child who lacks the vocabulary to talk about; who displays emotions so differently. How does a parent adjust the child’s sensory diet and environment so to avoid sensory induced meltdowns?
And amid all the attempted adjustments, all the problem solving and all the effort, there is something else. That autistic child who requires so specialized attention also reaches developmental milestones late. That child is likely to be less huggy and squeezy than other children. That autistic child is likely to be less socially involved whether in school, or any off campus activity. The autistic child is likely to need more, and give fewer squishies than a normal child.
And: all of this is to say that I fully understand the tribulations of parents of autistic children. I fully understand their anguish. I fully understand their pessimism and even depression. The positive to negative ratio of raising a child is not so great even if the child is a healthy neurotypical. That ratio is likely to be more negative and less positive when raising one of us.
Now, please imagine being one of us!
Stay tuned – there is more to come.


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