Physics and Me: Three – Inquest

This blog post is best read after the preceeding two entries.
Science is a process. Science is a philosophy which adds discipline to the human mind. Science is as yet our most powerful method of thought. Despite this, science is not perfect. It cannot handle everything; it cannot deal with every sort of human thought or action.
Science does not hand us great truths delivered absolutely from the gods. Science is human perception followed by human cognition. Whereas the methodological philosophy of science stands well, its ”truths” have short useful lives. The very hallmark of science, the thing that differentiates science from all other philosophical methods; the experiment is founded upon illogic! An experiment is the fallacy of ”confirming the consequent” in action. The nature of any scientific truth is probabilistic.
What science can reasonably give us is the best current guess. It was within these limitations that the inestimable Sir Isaac formulated the first general laws by way the universe might be explained, quantitatively. There were errors in his model. Einstein’s model would correct those errors. Woiud we think that Einstein made no errors, none at all? Of course he did. Perhaps an error could be found which would allow fast transportation.
If you think I’m done, then you are wrong.


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