Physics and Me: Six – Why I’m Bummed

This is the sixth in a series. I hope you have read the first five!
So, recently the people who run CERN repeated an experiment in which neutrinos were hurled about at a speed a tad above that of light. This development has come with the consternation of nearly everyone in physics. While Einstein’s Relativity does not actually state in bold face that speeds at or above that of light, it darned well implies it strongly. If anything does move faster than the speed of light in a vacuum, then there is a need to revise something. Physics is, it would seem, in no mood to make such a major revision.
Which is strange. Science is supposed to generate new truths, to surprise us with them. Any new truth by definition will assault the current paradigm. Further, each tenet which we currently accept broke a number of icons when it was cast! It was an anomaly in the orbit of Mercury, an anomaly not explained by Newtonian Mechanics, which led Einstein to his breakthrough. Science is never complete.
Now, here is why this story has me in a tizzy – funk. I am in no way surprised or annoyed by this. Certainly this experiment gives us only some of the information needed to move ahead. But is demonstrates some possibility that things that I have accepted as true, that I have talked about – to people who have no desire to hear! – many times, that I uncovered personally and a long time ago, are real! And that while it is looking more strongly as though I may be right. . .
. . . I was not part of the team who found this marvelous anomaly. I have not published anything. I did what I have done in a vacuum of such perfection that I might not have done anything at all.
IF, so long ago, I had available to me an advocate. IF I had remained in college. IF my path had been different. IF, IF, IF. But no.
Know what motivates me to get up on a stage and speak to as many people as who will arrive? It is this: I want a better life for those spectrumites who will follow me! I do not want anyone to grow up to be like me! That is my motivation.


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