Autistic Philosophy 22, Driven Crazy!

My guess is that none of us would think it a good idea to place a ten year old child with no knowledge of automobile operation into the driver’s seat of a new Corvette and see what happens. Driving a car is a complex task which requires nor only some basic knowledge of the car itself and how to drive it, but also of streets and of traffic laws. Someone with sufficient physical strength and size to operate a car while lacking compleatly in the knowledge and skills needed to drive one would constitute a hazard to self and others. We require that a person wishing to drive motor vehicles take tests, both on paper and practical, to demonstrate some minimum level of competence prior to allowing them, legally, to drive upon public roads.
Then we turn people loose in their lives with very little idea of what to do and how to do it. You were probably turned loose in your life with little useful information about life and yourself. You were probably set to the task of operating yourself with little information and no skills useful to this task. We, the people, tend to be turned out into life, generation after generation, ill equipped to live out lives.
Generation after generation of people face life unprepared for it. We make the same errors all over again. We waste so much of our time upon the very basics of life. We all know the folly of this. We understand that reinventing the wheel to be foolish, this is apparent in that we do not reinvent the wheel over and over. Each generation piles its technology upon that left behind by the previous. We need not live our lives in the rude state of cave dwellers because each generation has seen fit to add its technological developments to all those which existed before. Somehow we have yet to come to the conclusion that the same should be done with life skills! Somehow we have come to believe that operation of motor vehicles is more important than operation of human lives!
I do not think that we came to this erroneous conclusion by way of deliberation. My guess is that we have arrived here by default. Poor motor vehicle operation leaves physical artifacts in the form of broken vehicles occupied by broken people. A traffic accident is sudden and physical and jarring. We see the result of p a poorly driven car and we think of avoiding these tragic events in future. We see the failures resulting from poorly driven lives somehow differently. I do not know why. Perhaps we see these failures as so vast that they are as water to a fish. Nonetheless, we all live the consequences of masses of people all living lives at low levels of care and competence and ability. We would all wish the best for others, and then we rush off in various and random directions without further or deeper thought.
If one would drive an automobile, then that person must know something about automobiles. If one is going to drive them self through life, then that one need know something about self. And if that person is anything except right-there-in-the-middle-of-the-bell-curve, then that person will have to put in some time within the area of introspection. To thyself be true!


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