Autism, What Is It? Continued

There are some who think that autism is simply the next wave in human evolution. I think not. In the simplest terms, evolution proceeds by way of random changes pruned by the mechanism of selective survival. This all comes down to breeding success. If anything happens to alter breeding, that thing will have long term species adaptive effect. A change in some members of a species may have positive breeding effect in these ways” The affected members of the species have a greater chance of reaching maturity. The affected members of the species are better t caring for their offspring. The affected members are more likely to find a mate. The affected members are able to remove genetic traces of other members. That is about it. Even the ability to survive changing climates or other natural conditions all boil down to reproductive efficiency. So if autism is the next phase and then our numbers are rising due to some positive effect of fecundity; where are all the happily married and financially successful autistics who are breeding further generations of us? I know that it is said that Silicon Valley in California is a haven of autistics, that may well be … Continue reading


What is Autism? -3

I know of one spectacularly odd case of autism. While in Hawaii a few years ago I met a woman whose son was diagnosed autistic following a traumatic brain injury. There may be persons who would say, “Nah, that isn’t autism.” But it is. Remember, there is as yet no absolute, physical, diagnostic tool available. Autism is literally what autism does. After the TBI this man has sufficient autistic traits to have earned him an official diagnosis. So far as I am concerned, that is it. He is autistic.  There it is, right from the beginning of my personally knowing autism I have believed that there are probably at least two and likely more specific conditions lurking under the title of autism. TBI caused autism males the word, “autism” plural. Share this post: Blog this! Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Tell a friend

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What is Autism? 2 in a series

When I was diagnosed as autistic, way back in 1962, the US rate for autism was very low, being perhaps between 1: 12,500 and 1: 2500. *1 As I write this blog entry the US rate is possibly 1: 100, 1: 88, or even perhaps 1: 68, and even perhaps 1: 50 in boys.  *2 Researchers at MIT are now predicting that by 2025 the US autism rate will exceed 50%, *3 I know that some people believe that the rise in rates is due to different standards and even different imperatives of diagnosis from years approximately 1960 to now (This being mid 2015). I say that there is a chance that different standards of diagnosis might have some effect, almost certainly positive, on the autism rate. However, I sincerely doubt that standards and imperatives *4  A rate increase from one in more than ten thousand to one in approximately one hundred and a predicted one in two is tremendous. Something is happening. Something has changes and continues to change. What causes autism? Since it would seem that autistic people have been here a long time I think that the essence is deeply biological and part of the human condition. … Continue reading


What is Autism: 1 in an unbounded but finite series.

So I am autistic. What is autism?  Autism is a syndrome. That word implies several things. Autism is part of the human condition. Autism is not the most probable part of the human condition. And autism is diagnosed by way of symptoms. There is as yet no objective and physical method of diagnosis. There is no blood test; there is no DNA test. Autism is diagnosed by watching a person’s behaviours. Autism is likely to be diagnosed while the autistic person is a child. Indeed, autism may well be diagnosed prior to that person’s being able to talk. This implies that watching and cataloging behavior truly is at the core of diagnosis. What I mean here is that an autism diagnosis is not only made without any clearly objective physical analysis, but also possible without so much as asking the person to be diagnosed about their internal states of thought and / or emotion.  An autism diagnosis arrives from the outside. An autism diagnosis is likely to begin with a child’s schooling. Someone, perhaps a teacher, notices something. That someone says something to someone else and a series of events is initiated that leads to the child’s visit with a … Continue reading

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I am now sixty one years of age and autistic. The school system child psychologist diagnosed me as autistic (Whoa! He used the “A Word” correctly rather than some case of juvenile schizophrenia or other mis-labelling term of the day. He also said that at fourth grade I was maxed out and ought be placed into an institution. In those days institution would have meant life in an excrement filled closet with three or four others and a bowl of oatmeal (possibly radioactive!*1) per day. Although I cannot say what, precisely, this blog will be about on an entry by entry basis; I can say that it will always be inclusive of autism. It cannot be otherwise. All I perceive I do so from the perspective of autism. All I think I think with an autistic mind. All I feel I feel with an autistic heart.  Will this blog be any good? I  don’t know and will hesitate to judge it for myself. You, kind reader, are the judge. Come along with me if you wish. Thank you.   *1 Really! There have been awful human experiments conducted in the USA. This was before my time and done to boys, … Continue reading

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