Life as Different – What Do You Do When There Is Nothing You Can Do?

I know I have recently touched this before, indeed just recently, but I need to hammer it again. Neurotypicals (entees) judge. I think, and all this missive is what I think; how would I be able to test any  of this; that judgment is purely automatic to the entee. I think that entees judge so automatically that they do not even know that they are judging at all. I think that judging, whether situations or things or people, comes to the entee with as much mental effort of purpose and direction as does breathing. I think that many ramifications flow from this automatic judgment as made by entees: Since the judgment is automatic, the entee has no idea that he has just judged. Should the judgmental entee be called upon to justify the judgment made that entee will be puzzled as to which judgment one is referring to. Since the judgment is automatic, it is not consciously directed. This strongly implies that little if any logic was employed in arriving at the judgment. An implication here is that logic and data will be of no use in defending one’s self from the judgment of an entee. Since the judgment is … Continue reading


OMG, It’s Another Crisis! (political rant)

There is a crisis. A crisis is not merely a problem. A crisis is a problem of terrifyingly huge proportion. A crisis is a problem with a time limit; we had best fix it right now – or else. A crisis is a problem that just may not yield to solution, at least not in time. There is always a crisis. These crises are far more alike than I believe most people are aware. Let me present three recent and ongoing crises having large determining effect upon life in the United States of America. “We gotta go to war! The Evil (Fill In The Blank)s are about to attack! They will burn our cities and fields and rape our cattle and kill our women!” “Pollution is causing Global Cooling and if we don’t fix it right now the world will all be under an ice; no wait! Pollution is causing Global Warming and we will all be living in a desert!” “The economy is about to crash! If we do not bail out these financial institutions might lose their jobs and homes!” Now it may appear that these crises are similar but keep reading and I will point out the … Continue reading

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Neurotypicality, Not That There’s Anything Wrong With It

Please do not take all that follows as a snap judgment of my own. Nothing is snap about it. I am now sixty years of age and have recollections well for the past century. What I am about to commit to words has been a long, a very long, time coming. I am about to write a very pejorative and perhaps judgmental piece about our friends; the neurotypicals.  There is something terrible about these people, a large terrible thing, a thing that is so dark and frightening that I have refused to learn it now for about fifty years. I do think that I have learned it well, at last. Neurotypicals are judgmental. A neurotypical person is fully capable of arriving at judgments of situations and of people in mere moments. Neurotypicals judge a lot, they seem to have judgement integrated into their operating system at a deep level. They judge. They judge – just to make this clear – us. They judge autistic people. They judge us harshly. Neourtypicals (henceforth: entees) judge not only quickly and often*1, but also poorly. Let me please list a few of the ways in which I have oft seen them come to less … Continue reading

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The Joys of Technology.

I bought a tablet, a Dell eight inch loaded with Windows eight. It is the most powerful computer that I have ever owned. The tiny thing has full desktop Windows, and can be easily cradled in my hands. It will surf the web, it will wake me up, it communicates with my little Nikon and has a high resolution display worthy of the available slide shows. Further, this is the first touch screen that has ever recognized my touch. Further, there is a thing that it lacked… It came without anything resembling autocorrect. And then something happened and autocorrect switched itself on. Suddenly the tiny machine was second guessing my every input. And with this unexpected intrusion I had a small awakening. You see, I found myself having to retype a word over and over again as the automaton ‘’corrected’’ my spelling so well as to turn my intended word I to a word entirely wrong. I found my intended, ‘’previous’’ corrected to, ‘’precious’’ with subsequent loss of the meaning of my phrasing. I found that time and time again the conceptual meaning of my sentences would be corrected into meaningless or misleading gibberish by a machine of very limited … Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Month! Light it Up Blue!

I am going to make this short, if I can. It will not be sweet. I am tired of autism awareness. What does the lighting up of buildings blue do? Nothing! All appearance and no substance.  There are people trying to live; trying to make lives for themselves in this world; and it is getting worse all the while. I keep hearing that autism is not a disability; told by the same people always trying to get even more government programmes set up to help us: What The Fuck is this? We are not disabled, we are anyone’s equal, oh please gimmint give us peeps more money. There is an organization whose very name implies strongly that it is autism speaking. It rakes in huge amounts of money by way of sensationalizing autism. “Give us a hell of a lot of money to fight the scourge of autism!” with no apparent care that its public pronouncements poison the waters that we of autism must swim in. Everyone wants more money for autism. Money for research, more money to support parents, more money to support those of us with autism. . . . . .And no one thinks for a second … Continue reading