I make no claims of being an artist. I think I may be a fair technical artist though, and am happy with that.

Keep in mind that engineering deeply touches my soul.

Building complex for an autistic assisted living center - one unit of connected buildings with residence, Community kitchen, and physical therapy units. Proposed for construction. Watercolour.
Entire site for the assisted living center with (2) complexes per above and separate residences for those requiring less aid, pool, gardens. Watercolour.
The all metal ultralight featuring all metal construction, demountable wings and HSTAB, all pushrod and/or torque tube controls, simple slotted flaps, trigear, three axis trim.
The ultralight again, side view.

(*The two ultralight sketches will sell as one print)
Aerial view of heritage Square in Flagstaff done for TASH charity auction. Watercolour.
A fun pic that is on the cover of my binder used to store information from my chapter of the ASA: Northern Arizona Chapter: Autism Society of America.
A self portrait. Self explanitory, I think! Watercolour.
A proposed deck addition to existing residence. The deck follows a moderate slope down and away from house.
Fast aircraft featuring advanced semi blended wing - body aerodynamics, engines with task specific conbustors: 1. A set of combustors taking air from final compressor stage and sending exhaust gasses to power turbines (dual spool turbines and compressor) which power compressor, 2. Second set of combustors purpose designed as thrust chambers with exhaust gasses bypassing turbines - thrust specific, and finally complete bypass from first disc - the engine is a medium bypass turbofan.
Fast aircraft again - Simple section exploring the use of task specific burner cans - engine for aircraft.

(*The two fast-aircraft sketches will sell as one print)
This and the next two images are of proposed additions to an existing residence. All different views of the same house. Coloured pencil.

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